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For over 30 years we have been in the marketing and fulfillment business and during that time the industry has seen incredible changes. From paste up to e-pubs, we have adapted, evolved and innovated. We were an early adopter of data with a Macy's loyalty program that gave our client the ability to personalize messaging while other retail brands were still blanket marketing. We designed and developed a web site that gave Chase sales associates the ability to select, personalize and order their own marketing material, long before the industry caught on.

What has been our takeaway throughout it all? Control is key. The more complex marketing becomes, the greater the need for control at all levels. That is where we excel.


MLH Services looks at the whole picture when it comes to marketing for our clients. From strategy to market trends to creative and fulfillment, we provide end-to-end solutions.


With three digital printers in-house, MLH Services excels at personalized marketing material. Flyers, brochures, manuals, signs — they can all be imprinted with individual names and contacts.


MLH Services is a veteran when it comes to handling fulfillment. We pick, pack and ship items ranging from printed material to merchandise. With our in-house data capabilities, list management is covered.

MLH Services and Chase share a relationship spanning over a decade. From print and special promotions to digital and web, our partnership has spanned all channels.

Prospecting Kits

The Chase Healthcare Kits are a collection of prospecting material appealing to the medical industry. While the core pieces in the kit are variable, so too are the personalization touches, as each piece is customized with both the banker’s and the prospective client’s information. This construct proves highly flexible and personal, while maintaining brand and message integrity.

Vertical Markets

The vertical markets include multiple diverse industries, from manufacturing to veterinary science. Sales material include pocket folders, letters, flyers, brochures and marketing sheets — all personalized to the individual.

Credit Card Marketing

Our material for credit has included letters, gift cards, brochures, flyers, marketing sheets and personalized pdfs that have been optimized for web and email delivery.

Event Promotion

Timing is everything. When it comes to events, this adage is especially true. MLH Services has helped produce print and digital media for numerous Chase sponsored events, each under their own tight deadlines.

Veterans Business Network (VBN)

The VBN is a networking organization open to all active duty military and veterans of all services, including National Guard and the Reserves. It is available at no cost due to the financial support from business partners.

MLH Services and the VBN

MLH Services is proud to be a founding partner of the VBN and has helped market the organization’s diverse set of material.

Web, Email and Data

From the Web site to e-blasts and e-news, MLH Services has helped the VBN with its creative and technology needs, including metrics for digital campaigns.

DVDs, Video and Promos

A core part of the VBN’s success has been keeping the business directory fresh by showcasing select businesses. DVD mailers and online promos have met with great success.

Our Ongoing Commitment

MLH Services is proud to be the leading marketing agency for the VBN. With thousands of veterans recently returned from abroad, the need for networking, training and jobs has never been more critical. As a partner, we play a leading role in the VBN’s success by providing marketing strategy, digital resources and print capabilities for the VBN and its business partners.

Personalized Business Cards, Stationery, Signs, Mailers

ScreenMobile turned to MLH Services to develop a turnkey solution for personalizing marketing material to help control franchise material at both local and regional levels. The program consists of signage, business cards, stationery, door hangers, flyers, training manuals, and mailers — all personalized with specific franchise information.

Training Manuals, Quality Control Material

AFC is a world leader in food training, safety and distribution. Because of its global footprint, AFC requires strict control over franchise material, a challenge MLH Services meets with rigorous guidelines. Franchise material includes food safety manuals, promotional items, certificates, and day-to-day material such as stationery, personalized letter pads and business cards.

Branding, Web Design, Collateral

Verdeam is a venture capital and fund management company who began a brand overhaul with the redesign of their company web site. MLH Services worked with Verdeam to explore a re-branding strategy and execution in a three phased approach. When fully implemented, material will include marketing material as well as general advertising in the local market.

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